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Check your AC condenser unit to save on energy and repairs.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:27 am
by Service
Once a month or after the Monsoon storm pass thru here are some simple steps to keep your AC working efficiently.

1. Clean the area around the outside air conditioning unit. These units pull air through the sides and blow it out the top. Anything that restricts the air from flowing in the sides (or out the top) will make the unit work harder and reduce the efficiency. Also check for other things like were your Dryer vents air to the outside. If it is too close to the AC unit it can blow lint into the coils that will clog them.

2. Check the units clearances. Anything that restricts the airflow around the AC unit will affect its performance, make sure the clearance around the unit is at least what the manufacture recommends. If you get the model number off of the unit you can typically find the installation manual on line.

3. Check to see what is above the unit. Anything less than five feet directly above the unit can affect how the unit functions, this includes roofs, trees, structures etc.