Vent-Free Gas Safety Heating

Heating your home safely is easy, but it does require homeowners to be aware of certain hazards to avoid. It also is important to keep your home heating and cooling equipment in safe working condition. Perry provides the following tips to help keep you and your family safe.

Vent-Free Gas Safety Heating

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Vent-free gas heating appliance operates without a chimney, flue or vent, so you can install a system just about anywhere without making a hole in the wall or roof.

Vent-free gas products include space heaters, stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and gas logs.

Buy a Safe Product

Consumers should consult a full-service retailer when choosing the right vent-free gas product for their particular needs and have the appliance professionally installed and serviced. Every vent-free gas heating equipment sold in the U.S. today, regardless of the size, shape, appearance, heat output, or price, undergoes testing to a rigorous safety standard. UL is often the agency testing electrical products whereas gas appliances are generally tested by CSA or ITS.

Today vent-free heating appliances are required to be equipped with an oxygen detection safety sensor (ODS). The ODS is similar to circuit breaker and automatically shuts off the unit in the unlikely situation that carbon monoxide is elevating and there is oxygen depleting in the vicinity of the unit (regardless of the CO source). Any attempt to override, modify, or tamper with the unit, will cause the ODS to shut off the gas supply and disarm the ignition system to prevent the appliance from operating.

Keep Vent-Free Heaters Away from Combustibles

Because vent-free gas products are a heating appliance, it is very important that distance to combustibles is carefully observed as related to surrounding furniture, drapes, adjacent walls, human activity, etc.

Perform Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

As with all appliances, routine cleaning and maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions is advised. When cleaning a vent-free hearth product, it is critical that the logs be returned to the precise position relative to the burners as required by the manufacturer to avoid the possibility of soot build up.
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