Use these simple furnace efficiency tips to lower your

As much as half of the energy used in your home goes toward heating and cooling, so when it comes to saving on your utility bills, a great place to start is by looking at ways to reduce energy demand from your heating and cooling system.

In addition to replacing old, inefficient equipment before it fails, Perry provides the following tips, tools and calculators to help you make energy saving solutions.

Use these simple furnace efficiency tips to lower your

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A home furnace uses an extreme amount of energy, but properly operating and up-to-date equipment can reduce costs up to 20 percent annually. Replacing a furnace can be a large investment--one some homeowners can't manage right away. By following a number of furnace efficiency tips, however, you can immediately boost your home's heating efficiency at far less expense than a new heater.

5 Furnace Efficiency Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Change Furnace Filters

Changing the furnace filter is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to boost furnace efficiency. Make a habit of checking the furnace filter on the first of every month. If light it visible through the filter, it is still usable. However, with filters costing only about one dollar apiece, the best option is to start each month fresh and replace the furnace filter. Just $12 a year in new filters can save a lot on monthly furnace bills.

Lower Blinds = Lower Furnace Bills

Drapes and curtains can serve as additional insulation especially in winter. At night, close all the drapes and curtains to insure the cold air stays out. On days the sun does shine through, open the blinds to let the natural rays heat the home and give the furnace a break.

Supplemental Furnace Heat

There is nothing more favorable than clothes fresh out of the dryer on a cold day. Use heat-generating appliances to your benefit. Cooking and using the washer and dryer will help keep the family extra toasty without raising the thermostat or bill.

Eliminate Drafts

Ensuring that the entire home is well insulated, including all air leaks especially in the attic, will decrease heating costs by securing the warm air inside. This allows the furnace be more efficient and not work overtime to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

Insulate Furnace Ducts

Far too often we overlook the garage because it is often not considered part of the house. Concerning your heating bill, however, this is simply not true. Because the garage is generally unheated the furnace ducts often are not wrapped or properly insulated. Unwrapped ducting in the garage will result in a significant amount of heat loss and unsightly furnace bills.

Extra Furnace Efficiency Tips

Rearrange the Furniture

Keep all vents and heat exchange locations clear from obstructions. Especially be mindful of couches, chairs and entertainment centers. Additionally make sure your drapes are not blocking the heat exchanges to allow good furnace air flow.

Thermostat Settings

Is your thermostat set at a constant temperature? Set the thermostat a few degrees cooler at night than during the day. Not heating the house while at work or while sleeping gives the good ol' pocket book a break. Surprisingly you can save up to 20 percent if the furnace is turned off completely. This has an even larger impact depending on the size of your home. If it is just to cold to turn your furnace off during the day try lowering the thermostat from 70 to 65 degrees. This simple step saves about 10 percent on the furnace bill.

Still Want an Even More Efficient Furnace?

It might be time to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace if your system is more than 20 years old. Many gas furnaces installed before 1992 operate at a 65 percent efficiency rating. This is significantly lower than the least efficient furnace system sold on today's market, which operates at 80 percent efficiency.
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