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Schedule a repair or maintenance with Tucson's Perry Heating and Cooling Tucson's Perry Heating and Cooling is proud licensed dealer of Trance, Carrier, Rheem, Zerol, and many more fine brands. Let Perry Heating and Cooling answer your questions about heating and cooling efficiency, maintenance, repair, and safety Contact Perry Heating and Cooling, Tucson's most reputable heater and air conditioner specialists since 1949 Genuine Customer Reviews


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' Dear Sirs, being a business owner myself all too often we hear from only the unhappy or disgruntled customers. However I felt impelled to express our gratification to your firm for the rapid response we received when we found ourselves with no cooling in the heat of summer. The experience has been nothing but pleasant from the initial salesman through the very competent installers as well as the office staff in allowing us the opportunity for some creative finance. The install was in fact non interruptive to our everyday activities as well as the attention to detail while cleaning up the job was quite impressive, you should be very proud of the staff you employ. ' 5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Gary D.
' It is my pleasure to recommend the Perry Heating and Cooling. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Blanche W.
' If you are looking for a thorough, honest, and dependable company, Perry Heating and Cooling is the company to call. You will be pleased with their work. I am! ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Debbie A.
' I would personally like to recommend Perry for any heating, air conditioning, or duct cleaning service. Perry is professional, courteous, and most importantly honest in their business. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: William M.
' Thanks for all your help. If everyone could be as customer focused as Perry, life would be so much easier. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Matt C.
' You guys rock! Perry Heating and Cooling is great. I don't know what else to say. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure to do business with. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Ray P.
' Thank you for a job well done! Your installers are miracle workers. All of your guys are so nice and pleasant to be around. Now we can relax and enjoy the cool. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Betty E.
' I am thrilled, but not surprised that I received such quality and professional service from Perry. Your fine reputation in the Tucson marker is well deserved. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Susan R.
' I am writing to recommend Perry Heating and Cooling. I have been using them for all our HVAC equipment and service for several years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in town. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Debbie S.
' It was a pleasure working with you. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Karen G.
' You really made my day! Perry Heating and Cooling installed a unit in my home and it works beautifully. I so appreciate the fine workmanship that you provided me. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Roland B.
' In this day and age when so many companies do not seem up to providing reliable customer service any more, we can say that Perry Heating and Cooling does everything you claim you do. We are very satisfied customers and expect to be so for years to come. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Betty M.
' We are more satisfied with our choice. Everything was clearly explained from start to finish, appointments to discuss details were always on time, the installation was done in a very efficient manner with considerable care given to all the issues that were of concern to us. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Robert S.
' We investigated quite a few local companies to see what they had to offer, with special attention paid to the reputation of the companies. We eventually narrowed the list of possibilities and began to seek bids for the work. We decided to go with Perry for a number of reasons, including Perry's long history in Tucson, its fine record for customer service and the professionalism and atten to detail they provide. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Gabe R.
' We would like to take this opportunity to compliment Perry Heating and Cooling for the excellent service we have received from your company. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Armando C.
' We will certainly recommend your company to our friends, and to the manager of our condo association as a organization that exhibits fine workmanship, and service, and are professional in their approach, and conduct. Many thanks again! ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Manny M.
' My husband and I would like to thank you for your fine service. Perry istalled a new unit at our house. We asked lots of questions and the consultant explained our options and shared his knowledge of what would work best for our particular application. We are verysatisfied with all that transpired with our purchase. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Angela Z.
' Thank you for the great service and professional install. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Chris L.
' Perry's technicians and installers showed up on time, performed very professionally, very neat, and very clean installation of our equipment. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Daryl K.
' We have been using Perry for nearly forty years. They have provided us with great service and several units that have provided us with comfort. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Herbert B.
' We are so happy we choose Perry. They were very professional. Our install went very smoothly. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Susan L.
' Perry Heating and Cooling is a great company. We would recommend them to everyone. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Mary A.
' We have used your company in the past and we have been very happy with your service. We appreciate your prompt response to our service request. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Carol C.
' Your service tech did a great job and he was courteous and cleaned up after himself. As a matter of fact my laundry room was cleaner when he left than it was when he came in. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Tony B.
' I was very pleased with my service today and want to thank your company for coming to my house. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Nancy O.
' Wonderful to deal with a business that takes "pride in their workmanship." We very much appreciated your help in working with us by phone while we were out of town. We've been pleased with your help with our winter home. Every in your company has a great attitude about their work. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: James P.
' We appreciate the work you and all the others from Perry did at our home. The new unit is running smoothly and quietly, and we are really enjoying it. Our best wishes to you for a great new year! ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Christopher N.
' As you know I was monitoring my friends A/C installation today while they are out of town. The 2 young men performing the install work great together, and did an outstanding job, this was the first time I have dealt with your company and I will recommend you guys to everyone in the future. I will decide soon for my own A/C replacement for my home. Thanks! ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Lauren D.
' I had my air conditioning/heating unit installed in November, I want you to know that the installer were extremely efficient and neat and did things in a timely manner. So I wanted you to know that the people working for you are extremely caring, clean and responsible. Thank you for your time. ' 4.5

5 StarsReviewed by: Doris K.
' Your service man came to do a service call on the unit today and said everything was in good shape. He was very nice and was very thorough when he explained what he was doing. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Naomi B.
' I had one of your sales coordinators out to my home and we talked about a new unit as my old one was not operating at all. Since I really don't know anything about air conditioning I am totally unsure about what would be best for me. He explained several options for my home and reassured me that your company would do a good job and I was not to worry. That relieved my mind quite a bit and since he also provided me with references, and you being in business for 60 years, I couldn't go wrong. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Dustin M.
' I want to praise the efficiency of the newer units you installed in my home. The old units would blast on and part of the house would then feel cold, then warm, then cold, etc. These new units seem to maintain a much more efficient level of comfort throughout the house at all times. Thanks for the recommendations your sales guy made to me. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Russel N.
' The install crew did a fantastic job at our home. They were super polite, explained everything about what they were doing and were super efficient with their work. They were well coordinated in their interactions and managed to complete the replacement of 2 heat pumps along with the inside units in one day. It was a delight to watch these guys work. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: AJ.
' Our sales consultant was very thorough with the arrangements for our installation. He made several trips prior to the installation to take photos and measure dimensions, being very considerate in making sure everything would fit properly. I am sure that his efforts contributed to the completion of the install project in one day. I would volunteer to do a commercial for your company. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Very Satisfied.
' I wanted you to know how please I am with the service we received...all the way from answering emails on a Sunday evening to the prompt, efficient and courteous service provided by your service tech. Not only am I happy that the AC is working properly again but the doggies are also. Thanks again. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Rick K.
' Your office staff is wonderful. They are the kindest and most professional I have dealt with in a long time. Seems like everything has gone to automated. It was good to be able to talk to a real person without having to punch a number first. The service tech did a great job too. You are not the cheapest by definitely worth it. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Isaac W.
' Perry Heating and Cooling should be very proud of their staff who are pleasant and profession and so easy to work with. Thank you! ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Agathe G.
' Since coming to Tucson in 2009, we have used Perry Heating and Cooling several times. We are very grateful to know that when we call you will be there to service our system and get us up and running as fast as possible. Summers here can get really hot and miserable with air conditioning. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Jerusha P.
' Perry's response to my cooling concerns make me glad I chose Perry Heating and Cooling after calling them and arranging the service call on Saturday. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Nicole B.
' Just want to say a special thank you to everyone who helped me with obtaining my new AC & heating system. Everyone I dealt with deserves a big thank you. It is a true joy to work with such thoughtful and caring people. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Jerry P.
' Your service tech service our Trane system this morning. He was extremely profession and helpful. He also explained about replacing our gas water heating when it is required. We really appreciated his help. I had my annual check up for my Rheem Air Conditioning unit that was installed by your company 1 1/2 yrs ago. The findings were all excellent. I couldn't have been more pleased. I also wanted you to know that the comfort specialist you sent to my home was extremely polite and efficient. Thank you again for all your service to my unit. ' 4.5

4 Stars Reviewed by: Morgan W.
' I appreciate so very much Perry getting someone to come to get my air conditioner going yesterday. He came about 3 pm and stayed until he was sure everything was working properly. My house is nice and cool and I slept very well. ' 4.5

5 Stars Reviewed by: Samual T.
' We have used the services of Perry Heating and Cooling during this winter. They put in a new heating and air conditioning system in our house. They were quick and reliable. Their price was reasonable. We would use them again if we had to. Their workers were fine. They seemed fine even with all the problems that they had to deal with. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Anita T.
' I would like to thank you for all your help installing the new furnace and air conditioner at my home. Your installers were excellent guys and really very neat about their work. Will recommend you to our family and friends. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Franz S.
' Just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate the prompt service I received when I call your office this morning. I will not hesitate to use your company in the future and request the same service technician I had today. ' 4.5

4.5 Stars Reviewed by: Kathy S.
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