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Schedule a repair or maintenance with Tucson's Perry Heating and Cooling Tucson's Perry Heating and Cooling is proud licensed dealer of Trance, Carrier, Rheem, Zerol, and many more fine brands. Let Perry Heating and Cooling answer your questions about heating and cooling efficiency, maintenance, repair, and safety Contact Perry Heating and Cooling, Tucson's most reputable heater and air conditioner specialists since 1949 Genuine Customer Reviews

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Visit Checklist

Here's what you can do to prepare for your service call:

1. Plan enough time - Inspecting the existing equipment, perparing a load calculation, and explaining the many advancements in technology will take about 1 1/2 hours, depending on the number of questions you might have.

2. Have your utility bills available - Not only will a new system make your home more enjoyable and comfortable, it could save you a whole bunch of money. Grab your bills and we'll give you an idea of how much you might save.

3. Clear a path - Our comfort specialist will need to see your existing equipment and ductwork. Easy access through closets and attics is critical to designing a new system that will work at its peak.



We'll have some questions for you. Please have this information available when the representative arrives:


Which rooms get too hot or cold?

Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma or allergies?

Does your home get too muggy or too dry at certain times of the year?

Is the outdoor unit accessible to children or pets?

Is the system noisy?

What repairs have been made to the system?

Are future energy costs a concern?


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Keep your air conditioning and heating systems in tip-top shape. The Perry Heating and Cooling Customer Assurance Program provides you with twice-yearly checkups, guaranteed to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Click here to find out more!

Learn More about Energy Efficiency

Is your air conditioner as efficient as it could be? What's a SEER rating? How does the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit decrease with age? These questions and more are answered here.


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